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Advertising and Sign is mainly divided into home interior decoration, showcase lighting, citylandscape decoration lighting, AD solid Word, sign and mark, signboard, billboard and light box back light.

It is a language by which company express and convey their image.

  Chip Scale Package

Commercial Lighting is a lighting system used for formal business situations, mainly providing the functions to show the environment and reflect specific commercial character and feature. According to application scenarios, it can be divided into Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting.

  LED Lamps

The performance of driver directly affects the service life of LED Products. My company aims at existing LED lamps and has developed the corresponding power supplies. Exterior & interior power supply and waterproof power supply. With excellent IC, drivers work stably and reliably.

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  New Super LED Wall Washer post on the market
We developed some new Super Wall Washers and just posted them on the market, it was improved based on the old version. Compared to the previous super wall washer, the new ones has ...
  Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011
Sources imform that Europe’s households have set off widely banning inefficient 60 watt light bulbs from 1 September 2011.The inefficient 60 watt light bulbs are being taken place ...
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